Do I need a Website? I am on Facebook

Do I need a Website?

We get asked this all the time, the real answer is yes. If you have a business and you are looking for more customers then a website is a good way of going about it. A Website is an extension of your business. You can add photos, Reviews, Projects past and present on it to show potential customers what you do. Websites don’t cost the earth, however if your not careful you may go down the wrong path and that could start getting expensive.


I am on Facebook, why do I need a Website ?

Facebook is great in chatting to each other and also a good source for your business, however depending on your business you may want to stand out from the rest. If you have a job that a lot of other people are doing you may want to get the edge by using a website. Google cannot search through Facebook Posts, so if you want people to find you on Google then a website is what you need.

People may give recommendations on who to use, however most people use Google to find a service that they require. With Tools like Google Local Business and their reviews system, you give potential customers reassurance to use you over others.


I can’t afford a Website?

A lot of design companies charge more as it is their main source of income, however for us it is not hence we can keep the costs very low and make it manageable. For £10 a week or £20 for an Ecommerce solution the price is low enough to be covered by one job during the week, no up front costs whats so ever.


I can’t Build a Website and don’t have time to Learn?

This is why we take care of your website leaving you free to take care of your business. Any changes you want doing we do on  your behalf. The website is fully monitored and kept up to date so your web presence is always online.


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